Machen on Science and Miracles

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It is sometimes alleged that any approach to creation and origins that appeals to miracles undermines – or is at least inconsistent with the study of science.  In response to the claim that science is held hostage by simplistic miracle-believing conservatives, J. Gresham Machen offers some insightful words:

It is sometimes said that the actuality of miracles would destroy the basis of science.  Science, it is said, is founded upon the regularity of sequences; it assumes that if certain conditions within the course of nature are given, certain other conditions will always follow.  But if there is to be any intrusion of events which by their very definition are independent of all previous conditions, then, it is said, the regularity of nature upon which science bases itself is broken up.  Miracle, in other words, seems to introduce an element of arbitrariness and unaccountability into the course of the world.


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