The Ground of Our Religion

The Reformed Reader

What is the difference between the Roman Catholic view of Scripture & tradition and the Reformed understanding of it?  Richard Muller summarizes is quite well in Post Reformation-Reformed Dogmatics Volume Two: Holy Scripture .  There is more to his discussion, but here’s one helpful paragraph.

“The Reformed orthodox stand in accord with the Reformers in their assertion that ‘Scripture is the rule of faith and manners [life matters]’ or of ‘faith and life’ and has, for this reason, been called ‘canonical’ since the time of the fathers.  Scripture must be this rule inasmuch as ‘the ground of our religion and the rule of faith and of all saving truth is the Word of God, contained in the holy Scripture.’”

“This assumption stands in direct antithesis to the Roman claim of the coequality of Scripture and tradition.  In the Roman model, Scripture serves as a ‘foundation to tradition,’ and tradition serves…

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