The Struggles of Sanctification

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Systematic Theology, 3 Volumes Charles Hodge does a fine job of explaining regeneration, sanctification, and the Christian’s ongoing struggle with sin.  In the following quote, Hodge is implicitly responding to the unbiblical teaching of perfectionism and explicitly refuting the teaching of Rome, which teaches that baptismal regeneration removes the nature of sin in the soul.   It is also an explanation of the fact that Christians are saints and sinners at the same time.

“The truth which lies at the foundation of all the Scriptural representations of this subject is, that regeneration, the quickening, of which believers are the subject, while it involves the implanting, or communication of a new principle or form of life, does not effect the immediate and entire deliverance of the soul from all sin. A man raised from the dead may be and long continue to be, in a very feeble, diseased, and suffering state. So the soul by…

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