Why I Am Convinced the So-Called Five Points of Calvinism are True (Part 1)


Several weeks ago, I posted an entry on What is Reformed Theology? There I answer this way: Reformed theology is a sweeping understanding of all of life under the sovereign authority of the covenant God of Israel revealed in Jesus Christ.

Here I’d like to fill out a little more of what makes up Reformed Theology, the 5 point of Calvinism. Over the course of the last decade I’ve talked to friends and students about this issue, and I’ve come to a conclusion. I’m thoroughly convinced that roughly 80-90% of what people believe about Calvinism is mistaken and/or confused. Here are the so-called 5 points of Calvinism:

T- Total Depravity

U- Unconditional Election

L- Limited Atonement

I- Irresistble Grace

P- Perserverence of the Saints

Now, I’ll share my thoughts as bullet points.

Opening clarifications.

1. I don’t believe in Calvinism because of the authority of John Calvin. In fact I…

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Author: After Darkness, Light

Follower of Christ. Husband to one. Father of Three. Reformed. Aspiring Church Planter. Kids Ministry Director

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