Unplug and rest

We as a culture are so incredibly inundated with social media. I mean, this is where we get our news, it’s how we communicate with family who live in other states or with friends who live across the world. 

I’m not going to demonize social media because it can be viewed as a good gift from God or can be a useful tool in getting the Gospel to those that we associate with on Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram. 

However, we as a country rely very heavily on Social Media and this is my point of contention. Think about it! Most of us probably own smartphones and tablets and on those mobile devices are apps that connect us to our social media outlets. We feel so connected to the world yet so distant to those around us. 

I struggle with spending too much time with Facebook. I am constantly checking it, constantly checking my phone, and constantly looking at people’s profiles who post beliefs about God that come from out in Left Field (As in where Manny Ramirez played).  I struggle so much with this that I fail to steward my time well! I struggle to work solid hours because I have to constantly pick up my phone to see my notifications or type in the url into Safari to take me to Facebook. 

This is where unplugging comes into play. When was the last time any of us have just left our phone at home? When was the last time that we turned our phone off when we got home from work? When was the last time we completely shut everything off from the outside and spent time with our families?  Please do not think that I am condemning anyone who spends all their time with social media but I am saying that we need to find times to unplug and rest. 


Author: After Darkness, Light

Follower of Christ. Husband to one. Father of Three. Reformed. Aspiring Church Planter. Kids Ministry Director

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